Conservative councillor suspended for standing as independent against Tory MP

A Conservative councillor who has chosen to stand in the General Election as an independent in a constituency with a Tory MP has been suspended from the party. Councillor Dr John Doddy represents the Stapleford and Broxtowe Central ward on Nottinghamshire County Council as a Conservative.

However, when candidate lists were published this week they showed he has filed to stand to become MP for Broxtowe as an independent, challenging incumbent Tory MP Darren Henry. The Conservatives today (June 11) confirmed he had been suspended from the party pending a disciplinary investigation.

Cllr Dr Doddy, who works as a GP, has also lost his prominent role as chair of the county council’s Health and Wellbeing board. Councillor Chris Barnfather, Nottinghamshire County Council ’s Conservative Group Business Manager, said: “Councillor Dr John Doddy was this morning suspended as a member of the ruling Nottinghamshire County Council Conservative Group, pending a disciplinary investigation by Conservative Central Office into his registration as an Independent candidate for the forthcoming parliamentary elections in the Broxtowe constituency.

“He has also been removed from his position as the administration-appointed chairman of the Nottinghamshire Health & Wellbeing Board. These decisions were made in accordance with national Conservative Party guidelines.”

Cllr Dr Doddy is a long-standing councillor, having served since 2012 and won four successive elections in his ward as a Conservative. Asked why he was now running against a Conservative, Dr Doddy said: "I suppose you could look at it that way, I would look at it in a positive light.

"It's always been my passion as chair of the health and wellbeing board and as local GP that I would improve population level health Although I do that on a one-to-one basis, I'm trying to introduce that on a county level basis through various strategies. The opportunity to actually intervene on a national level was incredibly difficult to ignore and therefore I've gone in there with a mandate to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Nottinghamshire.

"This is a passion, call it an NHS passion, fluoridation passion, give every child the best start in life passion, but for me my raison d'être is the delivery of health, be it one to one, county-wide, but even nationally.

"I'm very much in the race and I'm exceptionally delighted to have the opportunity to drive population-level health interventions."

Darren Henry has served as the MP for Broxtowe since 2019. The other candidates standing in Broxtowe are:

  • Juliet Campbell (Lab)

  • James Collis (Lib Dem)

  • Teresa Needham (Green)

  • Joseph Oakley (Reform)

  • Maqsood Syed (Workers Party of Britain)