Conservative Party guests are met with a chorus of boos from culture sector protesters outside a Tory fundraiser in London

London culture sector workers demonstrated outside of the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) by protesting the lack of a meaningful pay increase on June 20, the same evening the Conservative Party held their annual summer Tory fundraiser within the building. Labour MP John McDonnell spoke about the insulting nature of the event where a ticket for the fundraiser cost between £1500-2000 a head, and tables of 10 for £20,000 -- the salary of some museum workers who are struggling with the cost of living crisis. The arrivals were met with a chrous of boos from the protesters, who have been offered a 2% pay increase, when it is expected inflation will be running at 11%. Guests spotted at the party included Nadine Dorries, MPs Steve Baker and Zack Goldsmith, property developer Nick Candy, actress Holly Valance, and journalist Theo Usherwood, among others. Michael Gove and Priti Patel were later escorted out by vehicles.