Can the Conservative Party manifesto revive Sunak's campaign?

Rishi Sunak has launched the Conservatives' election manifesto, promising to slash taxes in a bid to revive the party's floundering campaign.

In his address at the home of the British Grand Prix, the prime minister pledged £17bn in tax cuts including lowering national insurance by 2p, scrapping it entirely for the self-employed and stopping state pensions being taxed with the "triple lock plus".

The Tories say they will pay for the measures by reforming the welfare system to make savings of about £12bn, while the other £5bn will come from a crackdown on tax avoidance and cutting the civil service and saving on consultancy.

But will it be enough to turn around the fortunes of the Conservatives?

Today on the Daily, Niall Paterson crunches the numbers with Sky's economics and data editor Ed Conway and political communications strategist Jo Tanner unpicks what the Tories are trying to do with this manifesto. Plus, Sky News' political correspondent Darren McCaffrey discusses whether this will shift the dial for the election.

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