Tory candidate sparks outrage after parking across two disabled bays

George Martin
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Richard Drax is seeking re-election as the Conservative MP for South Dorset. (Getty)
Richard Drax is seeking re-election as the Conservative MP for South Dorset. (Getty)

A Conservative election candidate has apologised for “a moment of thoughtlessness” after parking his Land Rover across two disabled bays.

Richard Drax, who is seeking re-election as the Tory candidate for South Dorset, was caught out after a picture of his dodgy parking was posted on social media.

The photo shows a Land Rover emblazoned with a picture of Mr Drax parked diagonally across the disabled spaces at his campaign HQ in the Dorset Innovation Park near Wool.

He has since apologised, telling the Bournemouth Echo he “immediately regretted” parking in the bays two weeks ago after he realised his error.

“I popped in to get some literature and very thoughtlessly parked on those lines which I immediately regretted and apologise to the organisation straight away,” said Mr Drax.

“I rushed in and rushed out. I’ve never done it before and never done it since but it was a real moment of thoughtlessness and it won’t happen again.”


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Mr Drax is a former British Army officer who has served as the MP for South Dorset since 2010.

It comes soon after another Tory politician Andrew Rosindell, was accused of parking his own 4x4 in a disabled bay.

A Facebook post appeared to show Mr Rosindell’s Land Rover parked in a disabled space in Romford, where he is seeking re-election as MP.

A caption posted alongside read: “Andrew Rosindell is out campaigning for votes, and has had his vehicle photographed on multiple occasions parked illegally in Romford.

“Here, his vehicle is pictured in a space designated for people with disabilities.”

Yahoo News has contacted Mr Drax and Mr Rosindell for comment.

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