Conservatives tried to call Lauren Boebert their Taylor Swift and it was a huge, humiliating mistake

Taylor Swift, Lauren Boebert
Taylor Swift, Lauren Boebert

A tweet calling Lauren Boebert the political right’s answer to Taylor Swift backfired hilariously following the Kansas City Chiefs’ win against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

Scott Greer, a rightwing personality whose entire schtick seems to revolve around posting his alleged height and IQ next to his name, kicked the whole thing off with a tweet that any sane person would immediately assume was a parody.

“To those who might say, ‘The Right need its own Taylor Swift for young women to look up to!’ I answer we already have that,” he wrote. “Her name is Lauren Boebert.”

It’s a…fascinating claim. On the one side, you have a woman who has excelled in her chosen field since she was a teenager, has broken records and barriers for women in music, and has an ironclad reputation for her quiet generosity and kindness that includes donating to food banks in every city she performs in.

On the other, you have a woman best known for getting kicked out of a family-friendly musical for groping her boyfriend and sending out a Christmas card where her kids pose with guns.

They’re both women, and they’re both public figures, but the similarities seem to end there.

Greer’s tweet picked up some traction among the right, but largely turned into a well-deserved dunk-fest as people tried to figure out what he was smoking to jump to such a conclusion.

All this comes at a time when Boebert is already having a pretty embarrassing go of it.

The Colorado Congresswoman recently moved to a new district in Colorado after barely squeaking out a win in the 3rd District back in 2022. Now, she’s running for election in the 4th District, which is considered a near-sure win for a Republican, and incumbent Ken Buck is stepping down.

Yet a straw poll of district voters who attended a recent debate among the nine candidates for the Republican nomination resulted in Boebert placing fifth. In other words, she may not even end up in the final race at all. And when she fades from the public eye, she’s going to be forgotten, because she has contributed nothing of value to society. Can’t say the same for Swift.