Consider This A Sign To Start Putting Brown Sugar In Your Coffee

Coffee beans and brown sugar cubes
Coffee beans and brown sugar cubes - Kubra Cavus/Getty Images

A cup of coffee is perhaps one of the most customizable beverages ever. When a person refers to "coffee," it can mean anything from a warm and frothy cappuccino to a strong iced double shot -- and that's only the tip of the iceberg. What is even more customizable than this drink is everything you can add to it. From smooth whipped cream to plant-based milks, the options seem endless.

We haven't even talked about all the different ways you can make it sweet. From silky simple syrups and raw sugars to honey, coffee drinkers can take their pick from an expansive lineup. One underrated offering that often gets left out of the bunch? Brown sugar.

Brown sugar is a satisfying mix of raw sugar and molasses, which gives it a darker hue than other sweeteners. It has a higher moisture content than raw sugar, which makes it melt in your mouth -- or a cup of hot coffee. This ingredient is a strong choice for coffee because its innate sweetness meshes well with the rich, chocolatey notes of a fresh brew. Here's what else makes it the perfect compliment to a cup of joe.

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Why Coffee And Brown Sugar Make The Perfect Duo

Coffee and two jars of sugar
Coffee and two jars of sugar - Kanawa_studio/Getty Images

Because of the unique makeup of brown sugar, this sweetener will reap a much deeper, more caramel-like flavor than other sugars provide. Those seeking a robust cup of regular coffee packed with flavor may find this ingredient is a fantastic option. Brown sugar could also be a good choice for those who want to nix creamer in their coffee. This sweetener brings a lot of richness into your cup; you might discover you no longer need milk to cut the bitterness in your favorite roast.

Whether you use light or dark brown sugar in your coffee is up to you. In most recipes, they're more or less interchangeable because they differ in a small way. Dark brown sugar contains more molasses than light, giving it a more molasses-forward flavor, while light brown sugar is more subtly sweet. For this purpose, whatever variety you have in your pantry will do. However, if you're fresh out of sugar, there are some similar additives to try.

Other Sweeteners That Will Enhance Your Cup Of Coffee

A bottle of maple syrup
A bottle of maple syrup - LN team/Shutterstock

If you've yet to try brown sugar in your coffee, add a small amount to plain black coffee to see how it compares to your usual sweetener. There are so many options that we feel it would be a shame not to give a few alternative sweeteners a chance, even if you love the taste of brown sugar.

If you've run out of regular brown sugar, add a mixture of molasses and sugar to your freshly brewed cup. Since this combination is essentially deconstructed brown sugar, the results will yield a similar taste. Opting for maple syrup will also lend a comparably rich, nuanced sweetness. Plus, a splash of maple syrup is one way to incorporate some natural antioxidants into your cup.

For those who prefer the more subtle taste of light brown sugar, sticking to the usual choices of raw sugar, honey, or simple syrup might be the best choice to allow you to achieve a less sweet beverage. Depending on your preferences, brown sugar might not be a perfect fit for everyone's cup of coffee -- but don't knock it until you try it.

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