Conspiracy fans claim a cryptic post on 4Chan ‘predicted’ the Westminster attacks

Users of the notorious message board 4chan have made claims that an anonymous message posted to the site ‘predicted’ the Westminster attacks.

Users claim that a cryptic message shared to the site’s /pol community at 3pm on Tuesday, long before the attacks, contained images of firearms – and the GPS coordinates of Westminster Bridge.

But 4chan users are known to be conspiracy theory fans – and users have previously claimed that messages on the site foreshadowed school shootings and other atrocities.

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The user – who posted using a guest account – posted Morse code dots and dashes which translated to a website link.

The link points to a GPS location near Big Ben – and users say that the message could not have been modified after the fact, as it was posted by a guest.

The original post can still be seen here.

The owner of 4Chan, Hiroyuki Nishimura told Gizmodo, ‘I understand the situation. We are ready to respond for law enforcement agency.’