Which conspiracy theories do British people believe?

How many people in Britain are sceptical that the moon landings really happened?

Are we a nation of climate change doubters?

And how many flat earthers walk among us?

YouGov and Yahoo News UK asked these and more questions for a live recording of the Britain is a Nation of… podcast, which takes place at the Edinburgh Science Festival on Saturday 13 April.

Hosts Victoria Waldersee, Stuart Henderson and Matilda will be joined by Penny Sarchet, News Editor at New Scientist and Dallas Campbell, BBC science presenter to discuss the scientific conspiracy theories that Brits believe.

How many Brits think the moon landings were fake (Getty Images)
How many Brits think the moon landings were fake (Getty Images)

When we hear about ‘anti-vaxxers’ or climate change deniers, it’s normally the hardcore zealots that appear in the press.

This research looks beyond the loudest voices to find out how many of us are quietly dubious about scientific findings as well as how many true believers there are in this country.

Yahoo Head of News Stuart Henderson said: “It’s quite surprising just how much resonance theories that have been widely debunked still have. I can’t wait to speak to our experts and get their insight into why these ideas continue to be so powerful.”

Matilda Long, journalist at Yahoo, said: “Some of the results were not at all what I was expecting.

“It turns out there’s quite a significant disconnect between the public and the scientific community, which hopefully we can get to the bottom of with the help of the experts.”

The results will be revealed at the recording, which takes place at 17.30 at the Pleasance Cabaret Bar. Tickets are available to buy here.

This survey was made possible by YouGov’s panel of 6 million respondents. Join the trend and share your opinions with the world today.

Edinburgh Science Festival 2019 runs from Saturday 6–Sunday 21 at various locations across the city.

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