Constance Wu accuses Fresh Off the Boat co-worker of sexual harassment

Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images
Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images

Note: The following article contains discussion of sexual harassment.

Crazy Rich Asians star Constance Wu has accused one of her co-workers on Fresh Off the Boat of sexual harassment and intimidation.

As written in her memoir Making a Scene and detailed in the New York Times, the actress alleged that someone who worked on the show used to tell her what to wear, and she claimed they demanded that she ran all business matters by them.

She states that after feeling bolstered by her fame in the second season, she began to speak out and they had an alleged argument, which led to them cutting ties.

Photo credit: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage - Getty Images

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Wu also claimed that he placed his hand on her thigh and touched her crotch, while the two were attending an event in 2015. She claims this incident was before the #MeToo movement where people in the industry spoke openly about instances of alleged harassment and assault.

Wu said that she found a way to "politely" stop him from continuing this alleged behaviour, and they brushed it off and acted as though it didn't happen.

Elsewhere in her memoir and in the article, Wu talks about the backlash to when she tweeted about being disappointed that Fresh Off the Boat had been renewed for a further season.

Photo credit: Richard Cartwright - ABC
Photo credit: Richard Cartwright - ABC

The actress explained that dwindling ratings had led her to expect the show to be cancelled, and she claimed that she had network ABC's permission to pursue other projects, like her co-stars and co-workers did.

Wu is said to have landed a big movie role, but had to turn it down as she was contractually obliged to do another season of the show.

She shared her disappointment about returning to the series on Twitter, and received intense backlash, which Wu said drastically impacted her mental health and led to an attempted suicide.

If you've been affected by the issues raised in this story, you can access more information from Rape Crisis England and Wales, who work towards the elimination of all forms of sexual violence and sexual misconduct, on their website or by calling the National Rape Crisis Helpline on 0808 802 9999. Rape Crisis Scotland’s helpline number is 08088 01 03 02. Readers in the US are encouraged to contact RAINN, or the National Sexual Assault Hotline on 800-656-4673.

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