Constructive Criticism: Bar Owner Turns ‘Negative’ Feedback Into Positive Publicity

(Clever bar owner made a poster out of customers’ comments. Image: Imgur)

The owner of a bar - criticised by guests on a tourism website - has turned their ‘negative’ remarks into a clever marketing tool.

And it has worked!

A hilarious poster, featuring less favourable feedback about the Nevermind Bar on Urbanspoon, has gone viral after it was posted by meekoiscool on Imgur.

Featuring ambiguous one-liners such as “the beer was too cold”, “no empty seats” and “the bbq was sold out”, it delighted fans who have shared it on the internet.

“It’s not the Ritz” (a true fact!), “very un-traditional” (which just means it’s modern) and the subjective statement “guy behind the bar needs a shave” also appear.

It has become a powerful promotion weapon against the ‘Trip Advisor’ culture - which can see venues globally slammed, within seconds of disgruntled punters posting online.

The bottom of the tongue-in-cheek poster reads, as an amusing pay-off line: “Come and see why 7% of people don’t like us”.

Pub landlords could take a lesson from this guy, who clearly understands the concept that all publicity is good publicity!

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