'That's a Fail!' Arizona Motorist Watches Hot Air Balloon Hit Tree

Tucson, Arizona, resident Anthony Iosue was on his way to work when he spotted a hot-air balloon rapidly losing altitude, as shown in a video he posted to Facebook on September 11.

Iosue told Storyful he was leaving his neighborhood around 7 am, but paused to film the balloon as it descended onto Rasmussen Avenue, a residential street. The video shows the hot-air balloon gently falling to earth, eventually crashing into a tree in a front yard.

As the balloon is hitting the tree, a group of three people can be seen grabbing the basket to try to hold it in place. However, according to Iosue, this was not the end for the passengers or spectators.

“After it hit the tree and set down for the first time it went back up. I helped bring it to the ground and tip it over in order to get its passengers out safely,” he told Storyful.

After making sure all the passengers were out of the hot-air balloon, Iosue chatted with a few of them. He said they wished to remain anonymous but confirmed that no one was injured.

“I am usually in the right place at the right time,” Iosue told Storyful. Credit: Anthony Iosue via Storyful