How to cook a stomach-churning spicy spider salad

A girl showed how to cook a strange but tasty spicy spider salad in rural Thailand. Awan Rampaichon, 18, described how the stomach-churning dish is prepared step by step in her village in Chanthaburi province. First, she collects the spiders from the wild. She then pounds chili, garlic, and galangal together to form a paste before sautéing it in a hot pan along with the spiders. Awan stirs the ingredients together and adds sauces and fermented fish for flavour. The aspiring chef said: "This dish is not available everywhere as the ingredients are difficult to find. I have been eating this since I was a child. To prepare this dish, you have to go to the jungle to find the ingredients. I like it because it tastes good and can only be eaten during winter."

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