'Cool' Oklahoma City Officer Evacuates Scene of Dramatic Gas Station Fire

The Oklahoma City Police Department commended an officer who evacuated civilians from the scene of a gas pump fire in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on Sunday, January 29, as seen in recently released bodycam footage.

Video posted by the Oklahoma City Police Department, timestamped as being captured on Sunday, shows a flaming gas pump and truck at an Oklahoma City convenience store.

In the post, the department said that Sergeant Ramon Castro “was able to get folks evacuated, the medical help needed, and secured the scene” for the local firefighters while remaining “cool, calm,” and “collected.”

Local news outlets reported that “the truck hit a gas pump and caused a fire” and that the driver “was transported for injuries to his hand caused by the crash.” Credit: Oklahoma City Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript


- We're looking for a Rover on this one. Right?

RAMON CASTRO: 88, yeah, advising that one of the gas pumps is on fire and the pickup truck is on fire as well. Who was in the truck?

- Me, sir.


- Yeah.

RAMON CASTRO: What happened?

- We were coming in, and I just got this truck. And when I went to turn, it kind of made a little popping sound and it--

RAMON CASTRO: OK. Hey, are there emergency pumps turned off?

- I'm going to turn it off now.

RAMON CASTRO: Hey, let's go over there with [INAUDIBLE] with him, sir. We're going to get you checked out. Let's walk over here. Come on, let's get away.

- Just run up there.

- I-- run

- Both of you. Come here.