Cool pup loves loves nothing more than hitching a ride on his owners’ kayak in US

This cool pup loves loves nothing more than donning a pair of shades and hitching a ride on his owners' kayak. Mattis, a three-year-old English Yellow Lab, sits serenely while his owner Judy Callen paddles him across lakes. He even kayaked over Judy's front garden after it was flooded by hurricane Elsa earlier this month. Judy, 58, a salesperson from Derry, New Hampshire, USA, said: "I started putting him in the kayak when he was about 14-weeks-old. "He's so used to it. We try to keep his weight down so he can fit in the kayak, and right now he's pretty comfy. "Sometimes I take him out on the Massabesic Reservoir or Beaver Lake. "One of my videos was actually shot in the front yard, because of flooding from hurricane Elsa." Compilation video*

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