Coolio to remove jewellery before meeting British fans in case they rob him

Mark Chandler
Coolio: Taking precautions: AP

Rapper Coolio has said he will take off his shoes and jewellery before meeting British fans – in case they try to steal them.

The Gangsta’s Paradise singer will join stars such as Vanilla Ice, Salt N Pepa and Young MC for the UK leg of the I Love The 90's tour in September, which will bring some of the era's best-known names in rap, hip-hop and R&B back to the stage for six shows.

The rapper, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr, said he was looking forward to visiting the country and would "absolutely" take time to talk to his fans, but would be taking some precautions.

His comments came following his 2009 Staffordshire University performance when he dived into the crowd and had his shoes and accessories stolen.

The 53-year-old had to be rescued by security at the venue after being mobbed by the crowd for his valuables.

One witness said at the time: "He nearly flattened one poor girl then all the students decided to launch on him.

“They grabbed whatever they could, including his trainers, watch, chains and glasses.”

Coolio said this week: "I consider my UK fans, friends and fellow artists as family.

"Most of the time I enjoy coming, apart from that one time."

But, while he promised fans he would perform some of his classic hits, he said he had yet to create the rest of his set list.

"I'll be performing some new stuff so I don't get bored - there'll be hits from my first album and songs I'll have written a week before."

Describing himself as "really, really good" at what he does, he continued: "I don't have an ego, I am what I am.

"I've been rapping since 1979 and I take pride in my live performances. I have never had bad reviews.

"They say James Brown was one of the hardest workers in the music industry, well I am the hardest worker in hip-hop."