Cop sacked for visiting dogging site in police car

A general image of a police car
-Credit: (Image: Manchester Evening News)

A cop has been sacked for visiting a dogging site in a police car. Pc Tony Hughes had no reason to be at the undisclosed outdoor sex venue, a disciplinary hearing was told.

The British Transport Police officer, who was based in Chester, was also found to have lied about why he was kicked off a force driving course and breached the driving standards policy. He admitted breaching the policy but denied lying about why he was taken off the course and visiting the dogging site.

The panel found all the allegations to be true and decided they amounted to gross misconduct. The hearing, held between June 3 and 7, found Pc Hughes breached standards of professional behaviour, namely ‘Honesty and Integrity’, ‘Orders and Instructions’, ‘Discreditable Conduct’, and ‘Duties and Responsibilities’.

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He was sacked from the force without notice. Following the hearing Det Supt Peter Fulton, head of professional standards, said: "Hughes used the force vehicles both in an unsafe and inappropriate manner, breaching several standards of professional behaviour that we expect of our officers.

"A thorough investigation was conducted by PSD which has resulted in the independent panel being able to make today's decision."

British Transport Police said: "A British Transport Police (BTP) officer has been dismissed without notice following a public misconduct hearing held at the PSD Hearing Room in York between June 3 and 7, 2024.

"Pc Tony Hughes, based in Chester, attended the hearing where allegations were put forward that he breached the standard of professional behaviour, namely ‘Honesty and Integrity’, ‘Orders and Instructions’, ‘Discreditable Conduct’, and ‘Duties and Responsibilities’.

"It was alleged that between November 2022 and July 2023, PC Hughes had lied about the reason for being removed from a force driving course, breached the BTP Driving Standards Policy, and attended a known ‘dogging’ site in a police vehicle with no policing purpose.

"Pc Hughes admitted breaching the Driving Standards Policy but denied the other allegations. The independent panel found all allegations proven and that the officer’s behaviour collectively amounted to Gross Misconduct."