Cop26 delegates can tell their grandchildren about climate success, says Grylls

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TV star Bear Grylls has said Cop26 delegates will be able to tell their grandchildren about success at the climate summit.

Speaking at an event in the UK pavilion at the event, the survivalist urged those in positions of power to use their influence for good.

Grylls, speaking in his capacity as the Chief Scout of the United Kingdom, said delegates could tell their grandchildren they fought for the climate at the Glasgow summit and be proud of their achievement.

“Many of you work in government and NGOs, you guys have the power – use it,” he said.

“Use if for the good.

“Be the person who can tell their grandchildren that in 2021 at Cop26: ‘It was epic… I made some huge decisions, in fact I almost put my job on the line for it.’

“‘They all thought I was crazy but I told them to do the right thing.'”

He added: “It’s not easy for you guys as leaders – none of us like to take risks, especially with our jobs.

“But the pioneers – that’s how you effect great change, isn’t it?”

An essence of outrage around the climate crisis, Mr Grylls said, was a good thing as long as it was channelled correctly.

“Obviously, we don’t want all the bad stuff, but an essence of outrage, an essence of the ‘no more blah, blah, blah’ stuff is important, because it’s the voice of experience – it’s called righteous anger,” he said.

“I do think that optimism is key… because, as they say, nobody ever raised a statue to a critic, it’s easy to criticise, it’s easy to point the finger, especially at other people.

“I think an element of righteous anger is a good thing and an even better element of optimism, and even more importantly, determination to make stuff happen.”

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