Cops NC500 crackdown as 14 drivers caught speeding in one weekend

Fourteen drivers were caught speeding in a police crackdown on Scotland’s scenic North Coast 500 at the weekend.

Two 20-year-old men from Sweden were charged over dangerous driving on the A838 near Rhiconich in Sutherland by Highland and Islands Road Policing Unit.

Another two motorists were charged for not wearing a seatbelt on the NC500. A trucker was nabbed using a mobile phone and one motorist was charged over an insecure load.

The unit’s Sergeant David Miller said: “We are committed to ensuring the safety of all road users on the NC500.

“This weekend’s operation is a reminder that we will take robust action against any driving offences we detect.

“We urge all drivers to be responsible for their own actions and be considerate of other road users and local residents.”

But people took to the force’s social media to complain about slow drivers, with one saying: “Why don’t you deal with all the slow drivers causing frustration and close calls all over the Highlands? I see near misses with them daily.”

Another claimed there was “a driver doing 10-20mph on Skye on Friday causing absolute chaos. Was awful and dangerous watching people overtake”.

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