Cops Raid Innocent Man’s House After Paedophile Neighbour Hijacks His Internet

An innocent man was left traumatised after police raided his home after they suspected him of downloading indecent images of children.

But the person viewing the sick images was in fact his neighbour, Martin Cane, who had ‘hijacked’ the computer for his own benefit.

The 35-year-old had managed to gain access to his neighbour’s Internet by using old passwords he had found online.

As a result, police raided the wrong house, turning it upside down during the search.

However, after finally realising he was completely innocent, police turned their attention to Cane - who has a previous conviction for voyeurism after taking photographs of a woman while she was asleep in her underwear and had received a caution for possessing indecent images.

When they searched his home, police found 74 indecent images on a computer tower, 14 on a hard drive, 374 on another hard drive, and two on Cane’s mobile phone.

He also had file-sharing software on his computer and admitted his intention was to share the images with other paedophiles.

Some of the images and films were rated at Category A - featuring extreme abuse and were of children as young as two.

A court heard Cane, from Hull, East Yorks., twice accessed other people’s Internet accounts, from Hull provider KC, to search for the images.

Claire Holmes, prosecuting, told Hull Crown Court: “When he was interviewed, he indicated that he had been using neighbouring internet connections.

"They were password-protected and he searched for passwords on routers KC used to use.”

Cane admitted one count of possessing indecent images, four of making indecent photographs, and two of fraud, which related to hijacking other computers.

His defence argued that he went back to viewing indecent images after his previous conviction caused him to split up from his wife.

Judge Mark Bury sentenced Cane to two years and eight months in jail.