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Jeremy Corbyn delivering a speech about Labour’s vision for a post-Brexit Britain. Let his legacy be democratic reform of the Labour party, writes Bryn Jones. Photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Owen Jones’s proposal for a deal to reconcile Corbynistas and the rest of the Labour party (Opinion, 2 March) is too personality focused and undemocratic. A deal which would involve Corbyn standing down, provided there was a nominated candidate standing on his platform, smacks a bit of both Blairism and the smoke-filled fixing rooms of yore. It sullies the push for greater party democracy on which both the Corbyn campaigns and Momentum were premised. It would be better if the “deal” were framed as one in which Corbyn resigns but achieves, as his historic legacy, the bulk of the internal democratisation sought by his supporters. No faction could then argue the choice of new leaders at all levels of the party – whatever their platforms – was unrepresentative or imposed.
Bryn Jones
Bath, Somerset

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