Corbyn: The NHS crisis is a 'crisis made in Downing Street'

Tom Peck
The Labour leader has continued to attack the Government for failings on the NHS: Getty

Jeremy Corbyn will address a national demonstration on the NHS on Saturday morning, and will call the current crisis in the NHS a crisis “made in Downing Street”.

With new Chancellor Philip Hammond due to deliver his first Budget next week, the Labour leader will say there is “no excuse” for the current failings in the NHS.

“When they’ve found the money to cut taxes on big businesses, cut taxes on the richest families, cut taxes for the speculators and cut taxes for the fat cats,” Mr Corbyn will say.

“Don’t then tell us there’s no more money for our NHS. There is no excuse. Every person waiting in A&E. Every person on a trolley in a corridor. Every student nurse forced to visit a food bank to make ends meet. Every elderly person denied the care they need. Every time, that is a political choice.

“It is this Government saying tax cuts for the few are more important than the dignity and care of the many in their time of need.”

Mr Corbyn will also highlight the fact that over 50,000 EU nationals, including 10,000 doctors, work in the NHS.

Mr Corbyn will say: “It is time for Theresa May to guarantee the rights of all EU nationals in this country. People are not bargaining chips.”

The Labour leader is under pressure after figures reveal that 26,000 people left the Labour Party in the last year.

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