This Cork village has the best Wikipedia entry in Ireland

BALLINDANGAN, CO CORK is a small village near Mitchelstown. It doesn’t have much – a national school, a handball alley, a few houses.

But it DOES have possibly the greatest Wikipedia entry in Ireland. According to Wikipedia, Ballindangan is home to a very famous animal:

home to the oldest cow in Ireland, Molly. Molly was born on the 12th of August 1967.

It’s also a favourite with celebrities:

Burt Reynolds has a holiday home just outside the village.

And boasts its own micro-religion:

On the 31st of October every year there is a festival with a large fire next to the ball alley where wooden pallets, old mattresses and recycling bins are sacrificed to the local God, Diesel.

And sports? By the great god Diesel, there are sports:

The Dairygold Stadium, which is located next to the Ballindangan Institute of Technology is home to Ballindangan Bagels FC, the current Irish Champions.

The Wikipedia entry helpfully links to a Bebo page for Ballindangan FC, last updated in March 2009. It has a picture of Manchester United’s stadium, and the team motto:

Finally, the Wikipedia entry has one final glory:

Ballindangan is also famous for having a village of fairies living beneath the church graveyard.

All hail Ballindangan. The best Wikipedia village in Ireland.

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