Cornwall Charity Sends Message of Condolence to Mark Grenfell Anniversary

A charity from Cornwall, England, sent a message of support to Grenfell survivors, families, close neighbors, and firefighters on the third anniversary of the Grenfell Tower disaster on June 14.

72 people died in 2017 after a fire destroyed a west London tower block.

A virtual service was expected to mark the anniversary, with messages from Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Kier Starmer, while the bells of London churches would toll 72 times and green lights would glow from tower block windows, according to the BBC.

Cornwall Hugs, a charity that has helped more than “480 survivors, bereaved, close neighbours or firefighters have now come on holiday to Cornwall through the project”, said in a video: “we’re thinking of you, we’re sending our love and we’re thinking of the 72 lost.” Credit: Cornwall Hugs via Storyful