The Cornwall food made for generations

It’s a Cornwall classic

called the Cornish pasty

Location: Cornwall, England

Order one hot at Ann’s Pasties

It’s the first shop dedicated to Cornish pasties opened in 1984


"Well, I learnt to make a pasty at my mother's knee, and my grandparents on both sides made pasties - my aunts, even some uncles, actually, made pasties. It was just... oh, you know, the staple diet of the Cornish, I suppose. You know, you wouldn't go without a pasty for a week."

The Cornish pasty is filled with turnip, onion, beef and potato

and seasoned simply with salt and pepper

It’s traditionally sold with other goods in bakeries

But here, it’s the main course

The shop makes up to 2,500 pasties a day

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