Cornwall woman, 96, stuck in hospital for 100 days begs to go home to husband

A 96-year-old stuck in hospital and separated from her husband for 100 days over housing shortages has begged to be allowed home. Sheila Glass has pleaded: "I have been here 100 days and I just want to be home with my husband."

She adds: 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here'' next to her husband of 74 years, William Glass, who she has previously rarely been parted from.

Sheila broke her neck during a fall at her home and was sent to Liskeard Hospital in Cornwall. But even though she was declared medically fit to leave 100 days ago Sheila cannot leave hospital. Officials say as the home the pair shared in Millbrook was declared unsafe by occupational therapists.

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And a shortage of housing and care options means she has been unable to leave hospital - despite her being medically fit to go home. William has had to move to his daughter's home in Torpoint and the couple have been placed on the Cornwall housing register.

William and Sheila have rarely been apart until now - apart from when William had to time away serving in the Royal Navy. Sheila was her husband's sole carer before her fall. The couple's son-in-law, Mike Adams, says the family are becoming "increasingly frustrated" at the "very cruel" proceedings that has left their family in despair.

He said: "Sheila is getting more depressed and our lives are at a standstill and we took the videos as a last hope of maybe somebody in the council or somebody who knew somebody seeing it.

"Her mental health is really suffering after being institutionalised all this time - the hospital staff all love her because she is such a character, but they are getting very very worried and concerned for her wellbeing. She's even watering the plants for other patients, she's going stir crazy!

"Me and my wife worn out with all of this and have had to just keep all of our plans to one side. It's just absolute cruelty and bureaucracy gone mad."

The most recent update for the family was three weeks ago - when Mike says they were contacted by Cornwall Council with a flat for the couple to live in that was the 'ideal place' for the couple, and within sight of Mike's own home. However, complications have arisen over development work taking place in the building - which has further delayed the new housing arrangements.

Mike explained: "Work is being done on the corridor and instead of letting them move in on a weekend and just keep themselves to themselves, the Council are saying it is technically classed as a work site and there are rules they have to follow.

"We said this was fine, not a problem, Sheila and Bill would be more than happy to abide by the rules - they would just be overjoyed to be reunited and sit and watch TV. But as they are classified as new tenants there are different rules. It's beyond cruel - they say 'this is what you can have but we can't tell you or let you know when you can move in. As always when we try and call the Council it goes straight to voicemail and they never ring back."

A spokesperson for Cornwall Council said: "Cornwall Council continues to experience extreme and unprecedented pressures on housing and there are currently 27,000 households on our social housing register. We will prioritise those most in need. However, there is high demand, and we can only provide housing when it becomes available."