Coronation Street airs disturbing Daryan Zahawi attack

coronation street, daryan
Coronation Street airs disturbing Daryan attackITV

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has aired a disturbing attack on Daryan Zahawi in the soap's extremism storyline.

Max Turner has come under the influence of Griff Reynolds, a supposed environmental activist who is actually grooming the teen to join his hate group.

The truth about Griff and his motives started to filter through the community in Monday's episode, starting with Alya sharing her suspicions about the 'activist' with Yasmeen.

coronation street, max, lauren

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With these new suspicions in mind, Toyah reminded Spider of the racist concert and suggested Griff may be involved with a hate group. Little did she know that Spider is currently undercover investigating Griff.

Spider later tried to warn Max when the teen agreed to spread flyers for Griff's next speech, by suggesting he was wasting him with Griff and his gang.

Meanwhile, Max and newcomer Lauren continued handed out flyers for Griff's big speech, though they were met with some scepticism by Roy Cropper as he questioned what the group stood for.

coronation street, daryan

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Over at the cafe, Daryan was encouraged by Yasmeen to finish after a long day of work, having no idea that members of Griff's group were waiting outside for him.

The thugs cornered Daryan in the garden, shouting racist epithets at him after he made it clear he didn't even have money for them to rob.

As he tried to escape, one member of the group punched him in the face and another told him to go back to Pakistan — even though he's not even from Pakistan.

Daryan managed to slipped away, but was dazed and bloodied as the masked racists laughed at him. Will Max's dangerous friends face justice for their vicious assault?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.

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If you're concerned about someone who's expressing extremist or hateful views then ACT Early has further information. If you've seen or heard something that could potentially be related to terrorism, then report via or call 0800 789 321.

If you've been affected by racism and racist hate crime, then organisations including the Equality and Advisory Support Service (EASS), the Monitoring Group, Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI) and Stop Hate UK are among those which can offer help and support.

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