Coronation Street duo to join forces and tackle legal cases in new storyline

A Coronation Street duo will join forces as they tackle legal cases on the soap, ITV has said.

Alya Nazir and Dee-Dee Bailey cleared the name of homeless-man-turned-chef Stu Carpenter and put the real murderer behind bars in the fictional Weatherfield.

Restaurant owner Nazir, played by Sair Khan, will accept an invitation from Bailey on November 14, to train as her legal secretary.

Khan said: “Everything that has happened with the Stu case has made Alya realise that she really felt passionate about it in a way that she can’t feel about the family restaurant.

“It sparked something inside of her and she just wants to take the opportunity to see where it can go.”

When asked whether the duo will be solving any more cases on the soap, Khan said: “There are enough murders and crimes on this street that they need two full time detectives so we both could definitely take on that role.”

Channique Sterling-Brown, who plays Bailey, said: “I can’t wait to get into court, I don’t know when that will be or what that will be for, but I am just so excited for when that time hopefully comes.”

Brown added: “I think they really complement each other. Alya has that real calming and logical side whereas Dee-Dee has more of a hectic energy, but a super sharp side.”

Brown, who recently arrived in Weatherfield, revealed why she stays, saying: “Because (her brother) James had a heart attack so she wanted to see him.

“She took a sabbatical, but being back with her family really highlighted how homesick she has been in Los Angeles.

“Dee-Dee is something new and she is unique to the street but she is also standing on the shoulders of giants in a way too.

“I have always loved that the Rovers has had strong landladies, there is something about that girl-boss vibe.

“On a soap, the pub is the most integral part to the programme and the fact that the heart of the show has been in the hands of women, I think is fabulous.”