Coronation Street extra 'axed' for sharing stripper photo hits back at ITV bosses

Mike P Williams
Beth Morgan appearing in the iconic soap. (ITV)

A Coronation Street extra has become embroiled in a spat with the show’s producers.

Beth Morgan, 22, has appeared in minor extra roles in Corrie and after impressing, she joined the ITV soap in a more regular capacity in December of last year, playing a stripper in the Bethany Platt storyline alongside actress Lucy Fallon, 22.

The glamour model joined the soap more prominently for the continued storyline around sexual exploitation and abuse.

However, when Beth shared a behind-the-scenes photo on her Instagram, she revealed how she was shunned by the programme and given a stern telling off.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Beth revealed what really went on and how the snap has cost her her role.

‘I’ve always been an extra. I had been doing it for five or six years in Corrie‘ she said.

‘I’ve been in Emmerdale and Hollyoaks too. I do it for TV shows, films, commercials.’

Beth shares how she rose to stardom and gained a regular job at the soap. ‘I got made a regular extra around two years ago in the gym.’

‘When the gym got shut down, they made me a regular in Nick’s Bistro and the cafe Roy’s Rolls,’ she said.

‘At that point, I was there once or twice a week,’ after bosses evidently liked what she brought to the show. ‘It was a good income for me and I was only on set for a few hours.’

She was then approached for the role of a stripper, when she was accused of leaking a storyline by the image she shared: ‘I took a picture of myself in the stripper outfit in the toilets. I always post pictures of me in my TV outfits,’ she confirmed.

‘I’ve never taken pictures of the set, but I’ve always done selfies for my social media.

‘My agency had never bothered with it. I’ve got them all on Facebook, so I thought it was fine.’

However, this time was different: ‘The day after I posted it, I was in the newspaper,’ she was shocked to learn. ‘I don’t know who stole the picture [from my social media], but someone sent it into the papers saying I’d leaked a storyline.’

Despite her agency’s previous leniency over BTS snaps, this time they hit the roof: ‘My agency phoned me going absolutely ballistic at me… I got absolutely b******ed from them.

‘I did my research, and Lucy Fallon had spoken to the Manchester Evening News about the lap dancing scene three weeks before I put that picture up,’ so didn’t think she’d done anything wrong or violated her contract.

Beth Morgan appearing in the iconic soap. (ITV)

Having not been officially sacked by ITV bosses, she says both them and her agency have been very quiet in terms of work: ‘This was in November, and Corrie haven’t invited me back since. They’re saying they haven’t got rid of me, but it’s obvious they have.

‘I’ve had no work off my agency since that point. I’ve always posted pictures, but now they’ve made a big song and dance about it.’

Only recently was it revealed that fan fave Shayne Ward has been written out of the soap after being a regular for some years.

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