Coronation Street fans have a dark theory about Toyah's secret trauma

 Toyah Battersby.
Toyah Battersby.

Coronation Street fans have a theory about what's ahead for Toyah in the ITV show after it was recently revealed that she's got a turbulent road ahead.

Coronation Street viewers predict that a secret will be exposed from Toyah's past in the show's upcoming episodes revolving around Lauren's disappearance.

'So Toyah had a baby 23 years ago and buried it in the park, now they’re digging it up to look for Lauren, it gets better and better,' wrote one fan on X (formerly Twitter).

While another wrote, summarising their predictions for Toyah, 'Coming up in #Corrie next week:- Roy summons Carla to discuss Bobby's statement. Toyah confides in Nick about a devastating secret from her past. Roy's dog is stolen from Sam. Joel harbours hopes of a reunion with Dee - Dee.'

While another Corrie fan wrote, lightening the tone, 'Have Nick & Toyah ever been a thing? I know everyone else has been?'

And another commented, 'There's still time for Nick & Toyah to get it on and with Leanne going doolally he gonna need shoulder to cry on.'

And another wrote, 'My mother has only just learned about the Toyah plot line in #Corrie and she’s not only disgusted and infuriated by it, she’s considering stopping watching. “If there was something decent on the BBC at the time I think I’d defect.” She’s watched since the very first episode.'

To which another fan replied, 'This whole fiasco has got me thinking about just how weird it is that it's completely standard to know the plot of a soap in advance, in a way that wouldn't happen with any other genre.'

Tune in to the next episode of Coronation Street on Monday 22nd April to see what's next for Toyah and the rest of the residents of Weatherfield.

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