Coronation Street fans express wish as Joel appears to set sights on new target

-Credit: (Image: ITV)
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street fans have expressed a wish as it was revealed this week that Joel Deering was responsible for Lauren Bolton's attack and possible death.

In Friday night's episode solicitor Joel appeared to make Bethany Platt his next target after she headed to speak to a young girl called Ellie, who had been attacked by a man that she assumed also attacked Lauren.

After showing Ellie a picture of Nathan, she confirmed to Bethany that it was him who attacked her. However, as Bethany left it was revealed that Joel had been hiding in a bedroom and had paid Ellie to say what he wanted her to.

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Joel then said "bye, bye, Bethany" as he watched her leave from the window. However, Corrie fans are hoping the story doesn't 'drag on' with many wanting to see Joel get his comeuppance sooner rather than later.

Writing on Facebook after the show viewer Christine Maguires said: "Hope after Stephen Reid, Joel isn't going to start killing spree, hope storyline doesn't drag on" while Steven Coates added: "He will be an excellent baddie! Hiding in plain sight. I just don’t want it to go on until Christmas! Drawn out storylines are so boring!"

Carla Sandy also wrote: "This is going to drag on" while Jode Donovan said: "Another storyline going to drag on."

Viewers also expressed their fears for Bethany following Friday night's episode. Emmalee Charlotte wrote: "I think Bethany is his next victim" while Shelley Louise Scott Cooper said: "He set his sights on Bethany he looking at a pic of her watch out Bethany and he evil like Nathan and run Dee Dee." Fiona Bosanquet added: "Omg he's going after Bethany next what a creep."

Joel was unveiled as Lauren's attacker on Thursday night, with a flashback revealing the moment he violently attacked her with a wooden chair leg.

While viewers now know Joel is to blame for Lauren's disappearance, the rest of Weatherfield are still convinced that it's Nathan Curtis who attacked and murdered her.

He is also representing Nathan and has urged Nathan to confess to the crime, despite professing he is innocent.