Coronation Street hailed for 'best episode in a long time' following Lauren Bolton twist

Lauren on Corrie
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Coronation Street enthusiasts have hailed the instalment that aired on Tuesday, July 9 the soap's "best episode this year."

This week, fans saw the return of troubled teen Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) after she went missing for several months and was presumed dead. She disappeared from the famous cobbles following her job loss at Roy's Rolls.

However, it wasn't until last month that viewers learned that sleazy lawyer Joel Deering (Calum Lill) was responsible for the girl's disappearance.

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During Monday's episode (July 7), it was revealed that Lauren is still alive and had been hiding away. The young girl unexpectedly appeared at Roy Cropper's hospital bedside, following his heart attack earlier in the day.

In Tuesday's follow-up (July 8), Lauren tried to slip out from the hospital quickly but was accosted and forcefully brought into a family room by her attacker, Joel, reports the Express.

Lauren in Corrie
Lauren in Corrie -Credit:(Image: ITV)

Flashbacks scattered throughout the episode unveiled the truth about Lauren's absence and her involvement with Joel. The wicked solicitor insinuated himself into Lauren's life after stepping in to assist with her bills, eventually manipulating her into a relationship.

On the day she vanished, Joel lashed out violently at Lauren following a mention of his current fiancee, Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown). He then brutally struck Lauren on the head multiple times.

Joel took off, while Lauren feigned death and has since been in hiding, terrified for her safety.

However, in a shocking turn of events at the hospital, Joel attempted to assault Lauren again, who instinctively protected her stomach. In a surprising revelation, Lauren informed Joel that she was five months pregnant with his child, but she didn't want him involved.

Lauren and Joel on Corrie
Lauren and Joel on Corrie -Credit:(Image: ITV)

In a nail-biting sequence, Lauren managed to escape from the hospital while Joel pursued her. The episode concluded with Lauren making a quick getaway in a taxi.

Viewers have been sharing their reactions to the latest episode on social media platforms. One fan commented on a Facebook fan page: "Tonight's episode is one of the best in a long time."

Meanwhile, on X, previously known as Twitter, another viewer tweeted: "Tonight's #Corrie is crowned best of the year for myself. a flashback episode that explains all! ".

A third viewer wrote: "Just watched tonight's @itvcorrie and WOW, that was so good. there's a twist! Loved the flashbacks and finding out what really happened with Lauren. Brilliant stuff between Cait Fitton and Callum Lili."