Coronation Street 'plug socket gaffe' overshadows big storyline

Last night’s Coronation Street was one of the most electrifying episodes for quite some time.

Pat Phelan in Coronation Street/ITV

But sadly it wasn’t the acting or the storylines that provided a bit of a shock to the soap’s millions of viewers.

Last night, Andy Carver was ruthlessly blackmailed by scheming Pat Phelan after he was hospitalised by Andy’s brutal assault.

But the dialogue was slightly overshadowed by the sight of a frankly baffling number of electrical sockets situated behind the hospital bed.

“8! Double sockets behind Phelan’s bed!” Bellowed one Twitter user incredulously, while another user wondered if that number of sockets is really standard on the NHS, or whether it’s just a Weatherfield General thing.

Another viewer mused that Phelan can’t really be too badly hurt following his vicious assault at the hands of Andy, since only one of the hospital sockets was in use.

Pat Phelan in Coronation Street/ITV

Just in case you missed all the dialogue as you were too busy gaping in wonder at that fine array of electrical hardware on display, Phelan told Andy that he wants a big bagful of cash in exchange for his silence over who assaulted him.

Andy realised that Phelan’s not going to back down, and scrabbled together a plan to claw himself out of the situation.

Shocking stuff.