Coronation Street stalker Justin forces his way into Daisy's home in sinister scenes

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Daisy Midgeley will get a new scare on Coronation Street, with stalker Justin entering her home in sinister scenes.

Over the course of the past few weeks, Justin has obsessed over Daisy and crossed several boundaries, with the tensions coming to boiling point as she hit him after he tried to grab her.

In scenes that air next week, Daisy is terrified at the prospect of her wedding with Daniel being ruined by Justin, so she hastily calls the venue and reschedules the ceremony.

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She then receives a call from the boutique, who inform her that Justin has filed assault charges against her following their previous scuffle. As a result, the company refuses to lend her a dress for the big day, fearing that it would damage their reputation.

As Daisy returns home gutted at the latest development, Daniel attempts to downplay the situation, but she remains furious and subsequently storms off.

Later on, Daisy gets a knock at the door, and is mortified to know that it is Justin again. She implores him to leave her alone, but is stunned to find him already in her living room after making his way in via the back door.

While she is left fearing for her safety, Daisy also has the upcoming court trial to think about, which pits her against Justin. Given his unlawful entry into her home, Daisy’s case for a Stalking Protection Order could be strengthened, but just what will the jury decide?

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With the drama firmly intensifying, Andrew Still recently spoke about Justin’s pursuit of Daisy and the character’s mental state.

“I think Justin sees himself as the ultimate good guy. He thinks the world is out to get him – that's how he views stuff. In his head, it justifies a lot of his actions – he's got this delusional romantic destiny, which some stalkers can develop,” said Still.

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