Coronation Street Star Brooke Vincent Responds To Spiteful Online Trolls

Brooke Vincent has spoken out about the abuse she faces from online trolls, admitting that receiving nasty messages can ‘ruin her day’.

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Brooke, who plays Sophie Webster on Coronation Street, was a guest presenter on Key 103’s Radio Breakfast Show with Mike Toolan when she broached the subject, reading out one particular message she’d received from someone claiming she’d be axed from the soap soon.

The comment read: “[Brooke] should enjoy her young life because pretty soon, she will be somebody’s baby mama. She needs to spend some of her money on acting lessons - not in Vegas.

“Very soon, Corrie will let her go and she will attempt to make a living out of writing a blog that nobody care to read and she not write very well [sic]”.

Not cool.

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Explaining how such comments can affect her confidence, The Mirror reports Brooke to have said: “It can ruin your day. Whe you’re walking out of a restaurant or a club and there are all these photographers, you don’t want to smile because it’s embarrassing when you’re with your friends.

“So you just keep your head down. But then everyone turns around and says I look miserable.”

It’s a lot easier said than done, but ignore the silly trolls, Brooke!