Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd details scary fire incident after romantic break

Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd has revealed how he was involved in a terrifying fire incident involving a wood fired hot tub during a romantic getaway with his partner Hanni Treweek.

Discussing the incident on his Sofa Cinema Club podcast, the David Platt actor explained how he and Hanni took a trip to the Lake District in celebration of Valentine's Day, where they stayed in a cosy log cabin "in the middle of nowhere".

"We turned up at six and it's getting dark," he said. "There are no street lamps, so I'm using the torch on my phone. My sister has a log fire hot tub, so I'm quite familiar with them. But I'm in the rain."

jack p shepherd and hanni treweek

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The soap star then explained how there was a hatch that he had to drop logs and kindling into in the hopes of it catching fire, adding: "I can't get my hands down, so I have to light it above and drop it down, and it's raining. I can't even get the fire going.

"I'm trying to light this kindling in my hand while craning my neck to hold onto the brolly to stop water from dousing out the flames."

Jack recalled finding a bottle of spirit he could use as lighter fluid, but things soon took a dangerous turn.

"Just as I'm pouring the lighter fluid down, of course I've got a bit of flame and it comes back up," he said. "Eyebrows. Brolly. And then the flame goes in the bottle. I had to drop the whole f***ing thing in."

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"The whole thing went in and then it goes up like it's 5th November. I'm lucky I've still got my face," Jack continued, adding that the bottle blew up in his hand.

"What I should've done is put the lighter fluid down before I started dropping a match. I did [get it going] in the end."

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