Coronation Street star Julia Goulding on Shona's big return plo t

Coronation Street star Julia Goulding has opened up about her character Shona Platt’s big return plot on the soap.

When Shona returns to Weatherfield next week, she is in for quite a shock after finding out that her marriage is about to hit the rocks thanks to her husband David almost kissing someone else in a drunken haze.

After everything that went down with Max Turner's involvement in Griff Reynolds' extremist gang and the subsequent bullying he received, David has been struggling to cope.

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After getting drunk he tries to kiss Maria Connor, who had come to console him. Later when word gets to Shona, she at first threatens to leave David.

"Every time Shona's away, David tries to get off with someone else," Julia told Inside Soap.

Speaking about whether Shona actually might actually go through with her threat and leave David, she added: "The Shona of old would have, because she is more cutthroat. But Shona and David have been through so much together, and she really loves the kids; she quite likes the life she has.

"She sees that as something worth saving — you do when you grow up, don’t you? You don’t pack your bags half as much when you have a row," she said.

shona and david platt in coronation street

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On Maria's role in the kiss, Julia said: "From Shona'a point of view, there's no point laying the blame at Maria's door, which I think is really nice. It shows female solidarity, rather than a woman immediately blaming the other woman."

The actress also spoke about her character prior to her brain injury and which version of Shona she prefers.

"She’s far more interesting now, there’s a lot more layers to her. The weird thing is that I can’t really remember what the old Shona was like now, which is ironic given that Shona can’t remember either. I think she was a bit less funny," she said.

On her favourite thing about playing Shona, the actress joked: "I get to wear my Doc Martens, so I'm always comfortable!"

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