Coronation Street star Rob Mallard explains new row for Daniel and Daisy

Coronation Street spoilers ahead.

Daniel Osbourne actor Rob Mallard has provided an insight to his character's upcoming row with fiancée Daisy Midgeley.

In next week's Corrie scenes, the bride-to-be receives a call from the boutique informing her that stalker Justin has lodged an official assault complaint against her in the wake of the pair's scuffle, so as a result, they refuse to lend her the wedding dress to avoid any reputational fallout.

Daniel attempts to downplay the situation, but Daisy's fury isn't going anywhere and she storms off.

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"The more Justin creeps Daisy out, the more she begins to pull away from Daniel," Mallard said ahead of the Weatherfield drama.

"Daniel begins to get frustrated because they are in the middle of planning their wedding and all this other stuff is going on at the same time, so Daniel is trying to focus and stay on track with what should be a happy experience.

"But the wedding planning starts to take its toll and he gets to the point where he just wants the wedding done and over with. Daniel starts to view the wedding as a race to get it done as quickly as possible before Justin has the chance to ruin it."

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As for how the boutique's bombshell rocks the couple – with Daisy's endless freebies also being halted – the soap star went on to suggest that her outlook is all wrong.

"Daisy is getting all these freebies for the wedding but when Justin starts to spread things about her she starts to lose all her freebies," Mallard noted.

"Daniel starts to think that Daisy sees the wedding as a sort of military operation, that it has to be the way that she wants it or not at all, and for Daniel, that is really confusing because he thinks the point of the wedding is that they are getting married not that it needs to look a certain way.

"It's a divide between these two characters because Daisy is more about how things look rather than how things actually are."

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