Coronation Street star says 'everything makes sense' as she reveals health diagnosis

Mollie Gallagher has been diagnosed with ADHD
-Credit: (Image: BANG Showbiz.)

Mollie Gallagher, the 26-year-old actress famed for her role as Nina Lucas on ITV soap Coronation Street, has been recently diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In an Instagram post on Friday, June 7, she wrote: "I've just recently been diagnosed after knowing for years and I'm just finally happy that everything makes sense now."

Her post didn't go into detail, but during her stint on Dancing On Ice in 2023, she disclosed to the Sun newspaper how challenging it was to juggle the competition and her filming schedule. Mollie said at the time: "I love being busy. It's [difficult] when you're up north and you can't find a rink!"

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Adding to Mollie's sentiment was Hollyoaks alumni, Carley Stenson, who also participated in Dancing On Ice and has recently welcomed a new baby. She was full of admiration for Mollie's capability to balance her demanding routine saying: "I don't know how Mollie's been doing it. She's doing 12hr days filming and trying to skate. And then finding a rink to try and skate ... Finding a rink, finding the hours to fit, and you're only allowed to do two hours a day. You feel like you only, mind the pun, find your beat after an hour, and then you've only got an hour left."

Mollie, who joined Corrie in 2019 as Roy Cropper's long-lost niece, bagged the Serial Drama Performance award at the 2021 NTAs following a distressing storyline that saw her on-screen boyfriend Seb pass away after an assault. For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter.