Coronation Street star Todd Boyce teases possible downfall for Stephen Reid

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Todd Boyce has teased a possible downfall for Stephen Reid.

For the first time since Stephen started his killing spree, cracks are starting to show in his facade and others are beginning to become suspicious.

The latest hints of Stephen's comeuppance occur in upcoming scenes where his mother Audrey Roberts receives equity papers that could prove he's been stealing from her.

Speaking about these scenes, Todd Boyce teased: "I like the way the story is developing and how all these little things are starting to add up. For now, he still feels that he can talk his way out of all these situations but actually, the walls are starting to close in on him, how is he going to explain the equity release letter, what is his mental health like now as he struggles with the inquiry into Rufus’ death.

"Just when he feels he is getting where he wants to be, it is all unravelling behind the scenes."

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While Peter Barlow and Tim Metcalfe are already suspicious of Stephen, it could be his own niece Sarah Barlow or his boss Carla Connor who prove to be the killer's undoing.

"There are all these women in particular, who he hasn't necessarily harmed personally, but he has by association," the actor noted. "Interesting that these are the people who are realising things. Sarah finds out about the equity release and she has always trusted him but for how long will she now?

"And Carla is starting to twig on to the whole LSD link with Rufus and her 'psychoses'. He's still keeping up this facade of being a businessman as that's what he is first and foremost, but that can only keep the truth away for so long. He's got this obsession of being seen to be successful, that's what caused the first murder. That's what caused him to steal from his mum. It's just all this desperate attempt to appear to be successful."

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Still, Stephen is determined to keep his murderous tendencies a secret at any cost — which is sure to prove dangerous for anyone who crosses him.

"I think for him it is part of his childhood experience, being adopted, seeing it as rejection. It is about his perception that he wasn’t good enough and not being wanted," Todd explained.

"He then found his mother later in life and he wanted to stop those feelings of rejection, he loves her and he can't stop wanting her approval and wanting her to see him being successful. It's almost like he's sort of proving that he's made good despite what she did. And in proving that then he get[s] her unconditional love, which is what he's been after."

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