Coronation Street star Todd Boyce confirms change in Stephen Reid's storyline

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Todd Boyce has confirmed a change in Stephen Reid's Coronation Street storyline.

Weatherfield's latest serial killer will finally feel remorse in upcoming scenes when he's faced with the trauma caused by one of his murders.

Stephen viciously killed business rival Rufus months ago and has taken great pains to cover up the crime. However, he'll start questioning himself when he meets with Rufus's young son at a memorial service.

Ahead of these scenes airing, cast member Todd Boyce has explained why Stephen is so shaken to see the direct consequences of his vengeful killing.

stephen reid, coronation street

"He thinks he's dealt with it by diverting attention to Peter and the watch, but the real issue is here that for one of the first times, he feels contrition after meeting Rufus' son at the memorial," Todd said.

"He's emotional about that for the first time. He's always been able to compartmentalise prior to this and move on from these murderers in a really extraordinary way. But not that one."

The actor continued: "He hated Rufus and he had to get rid of him, but to be faced with the ex-wife saying what a good dad he was and seeing how upset his son was has affected him, and that is not helping him to keep a clear head when this is the time he really needs to do so.

"He's not able to just move on. With Teddy and Leo, he didn't really see the effects on the family. He didn't really care about how Teddy felt about Leo’s disappearance. But seeing a child reacting in that way affected him just to see this child's entire life being destroyed."

stephen reid, coronation street

The killer could be in trouble, as more Weatherfield residents have started to suspect he may be up to no good.

As he's already made an enemy of both Peter Barlow and Tim Metcalfe recently, Stephen's own niece Sarah Barlow will be warned about how dangerous her uncle may be in upcoming scenes.

A possible exit was recently filmed for Stephen, leading to questions over whether the murderer is finally about to be caught out...

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