'Coronation Street' viewers praise moving storyline about Audrey trying to take her own life

Audrey told her concerned friends about her recent struggles in Coronation Street. (ITV)
Audrey told her concerned friends about her recent struggles in Coronation Street. (ITV)

Coronation Street viewers have praised the soap for moving scenes in which veteran character Audrey Roberts revealed she had tried to take her own life because of loneliness.

The ITV soap showed Audrey, who has been played by Sue Nicholls since she first appeared in 1979, having a heart-to-heart with close friends Rita Tanner (Barbara Knox), Ken Barlow (William Roache), Roy Cropper (David Neilson), and Claudia Colby (Rula Lensky).

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She opened up about the mental health and loneliness struggles she had been facing as the group took it in turns to reveal their darkest secrets, admitting: "I tried to kill myself three weeks ago."

The group had been enjoying an afternoon tea together when Audrey made he shocking announcement, explaining that her neighbour had taken her to hospital believing she had suffered a stroke, without realising that she had actually taken an overdose.

Audrey said that she hadn't told her children or started the course of antidepressants she had been prescribed, but after Roy encouraged her to take the medication, she was later shown starting it.

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Fans of the soap said that they were impressed by the scenes, with one tweeting: "This mix of comedy and poignant drama is what #Corrie has always done best. Loving Audrey, Rita, Ken and Roy together."

Someone else added: "Audrey telling her friends she tried to kill herself. This is so important to talk about mental health can affect anyone at any age."

Coronation Street Audrey Roberts at afternoon tea
Audrey and her friends gathered for a long overdue catch up. (ITV)

Another viewer wrote: "#Corrie brilliant episode tonight as Audrey opened up to her friends. I did wonder if it could have been done as an entire episode with just the 4 friends talking round the table. Although interspersing with other stories does show how life goes on around us all the time."

Fans were also pleased to see the veteran characters back together, as one person tweeted: "Proper Corrie tonight with Ken, Rita, Audrey et al. Simply the best."

Someone else agreed: "Audrey, Claudia, Ken, Rita and Roy scenes are absolutely iconic!!"

Audrey was taken to hospital in the soap. (ITV)
Audrey was taken to hospital in the soap. (ITV)

Another viewer added: "Roy to Audrey, Rita, Ken and Claudia: 'We need to meet up more often' Everyone watching #Corrie: 'Yeah Coronation Street!'"

Nicholls, 78, said ahead of the scenes airing: "That is the message that I want people to take away from this storyline, the importance of being able to talk to people you trust about how you feel.

“Sometimes the young generation might think that anyone over 70 isn’t capable of making decisions which in turn can make older people lose their sense of purpose and begin to feel quite useless.”

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