Coronation Street villains Damon and Harvey both returning for dramatic story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has announced that Damon Hay and Harvey Gaskell will both be returning for a huge storyline involving Adam and Sarah Barlow.

Ciarán Griffiths and Will Mellor have both signed up to reprise their respective roles for dramatic scenes due to air in 2024.

Corrie will be exploring the unfinished business from Sarah's affair storyline with Damon. Damon was last seen on screen in June, when Adam took revenge for the affair by using ruthless tactics to run his love rival out of town.

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Speaking to Digital Spy and other media in a recent press call, Coronation Street's producer Iain MacLeod commented: "The story kicks off almost in the first moment of the new year. It's revisiting the unfinished business between Adam, Sarah and Damon.

"We arrive in the new year and Adam and Sarah are rubbing along okay. They're trying to amicably co-parent Harry, as per the agreement when they split up, and it's going alright.

"Then suddenly, 'wallop', Adam finds himself in this nightmarish situation all at the hands of Damon, who's unexpectedly come back. You may remember that he was run out of town by Adam's scheming.

"In our minds, Damon has been somewhere away from Coronation Street plotting his revenge. It arrives as a fairly blunt force on the first episode in the new year."

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He continued: "The story then becomes a love triangle. Damon has been spending his intervening months pining for Sarah. I felt there was a really intense feeling between those two – a really natural chemistry and connection.

"Damon comes back with a two-pronged plan. The first is that he wants to get his revenge on Adam. The second is that he wants Sarah back, because he feels like she's the one.

"He will essentially have to contend with the fact that these two plans might not be compatible – can he have his revenge and also have Sarah? The answer might well be 'no', so which one is he going to choose?

"It's a brilliant, exciting, high-octane story. I love those characters. They feel really glossy and really naturally at home in this big Coronation Street storyline.

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"As it continues, Damon's revenge may start to take a back seat to his feelings for Sarah. But just in case you thought it was all going to be smooth running from there, Adam can't stand the idea that this guy's back and he's maybe got designs on Sarah. Adam decides in his mind that to protect Sarah, he might want rid of Damon."

Adam's concerns pave the way for Harvey to reappear on screen again.

Harvey is currently serving a jail sentence for killing Natasha Blakeman in a case of mistaken identity two years ago.

MacLeod added: "As Damon's calming down, Adam's going in the other direction and he plans to rid himself of Damon. We'll see him pay a little visit to Damon's half-brother Harvey, because he's no fan of Damon's either. They might form an unholy alliance. They have a shared problem in the form of Damon and think they can help each other in that regard.

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"It's got fantastic actors in it, as all stories do. The storyline is packed full of twists, turns and excitement. Dare I say it in this day and age, but it's quite sexy as well. I think it's got lots of intensity and passion and a whirlwind romance with Damon and Sarah.

"I should also point out that Sarah's family are certainly not fans of her new love interest Damon, given what they know of his backstory. There's lots of really funny Meet the Parents type stuff, where Sarah brings Damon to a family meal.

"Damon has to sit there and try to play nice with Gail, Audrey and David. That gives us more of those brilliant Platt family summit scenes that we all love."

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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