Coronation Street's Aadi and Courtney to be caught out over affair

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Aadi Alahan and Courtney Vance push their luck too far next week, as they're caught secretly kissing at the Bistro.

Aadi has played a dangerous game by succumbing to the advances of his boss's wife in recent weeks, but he's about to start facing the consequences when his dad Dev spots them together.

Early next week, Courtney's husband Darren celebrates after securing a lucrative deal with local supermarket Freshco.

Darren books a meal to celebrate and suggests that Amy Barlow should join Aadi, wrongly assuming that they're an item.

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Aadi and Amy are both awkward as they make excuses, much to the confusion of Darren and Dev.

Later in the week, Dev pushes the issue by referring to Aadi and Amy as a couple. Aadi denies it, lying that he's seeing someone called Monica.

Shortly afterwards, Darren confides in Dev about how his marriage is on rocky ground and he suspects that Courtney is having an affair. Amy eavesdrops on the conversation and worries that Aadi's fling is spiralling out of control.

During the celebratory lunch, Amy discreetly warns Aadi that Darren knows Courtney is being unfaithful.

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Dev reveals to everyone that Aadi has got a new girlfriend, forcing the teen to embellish his lies further by making various claims about 'Monica'.

Once Dev and Darren get distracted by business talk, Aadi follows Courtney away from the table and they share a kiss.

Dev finds Aadi in a clinch with Courtney and berates him for getting romantically involved with the boss' wife.

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Dev's discovery sets a chaotic series of events in motion, culminating in Courtney moving in at the Alahan house.

Both Dev and Asha struggle with having Courtney around, openly wondering how long she intends to stay for.

courtney vance, aadi alahan, coronation street

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Aadi is smitten, especially when Courtney claims that she's glad to be rid of Darren and now wants to give their own relationship a proper try.

Dev's thoughts turn back to salvaging the Freshco deal, so he promises Darren that he'll have a word with Aadi and resolve the situation. Will Aadi listen to his disapproving dad?

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