Coronation Street's Cassie to suffer shock drugs overdose

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Cassie Plummer suffers a shock overdose next week as she struggles to kick her drug habit.

Tyrone Dobbs' world has been rocked in recent weeks by the discovery that his birth mother, Cassie, is still alive. Evelyn Plummer had led Tyrone to believe that his mum was dead as she didn't think Cassie was fit to be involved in the Dobbs family's lives due to her drug habit.

While Tyrone is determined to support Cassie's recovery, Evelyn remains unconvinced that Cassie will be able to turn her life around.

Next week, Cassie arrives for her first day of work at the garage, having been secured a job by Tyrone. Although things start off well, Cassie's day takes a sinister turn when her drug dealer, Dean, rocks up and demands the money that Cassie owes him.

cassie plummer, dean, coronation street

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Cassie manages to get rid of the unwelcome visitor, but Abi Webster's suspicions are piqued when she recognises Dean from her own history with drug addiction.

When Cassie refuses to join her for lunch, Abi fears the worst and returns to the garage just in time to see Cassie stealing from the petty cash.

Later in the week, Cassie offers to go into town and pick up a gift for Ruby while Tyrone puts together the finishing touches for the youngster's party. Tyrone reluctantly gives Cassie £80, but his faith is misplaced as she immediately uses it to buy pills from Dean.

With Ruby's party in full swing, Tyrone is concerned that Cassie hasn't appeared. When Michael Bailey reveals that he recently saw Cassie having a violent encounter with a dodgy man, Abi confesses that the man in question is a dealer and that she caught Cassie red-handed stealing money.

cassie plummer, coronation street

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The news stuns Tyrone, who leads the search for Cassie and is horrified when Hope finds her slumped on the pavement, having suffered an overdose.

Cassie pulls through and the incident leads Abi to suggest that Cassie join her at the support group. Tyrone joins Cassie for support and when she spins the tale that Evelyn kicked her out, forcing her to turn to prostitution and drugs, Tyrone believes her lies.

Furious, Tyrone decides to confront Evelyn. Will Cassie admit the truth?

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