Coronation Street's Colson Smith supported by fans as he tells what 'changed his life'

Coronation Street's Colson Smith
-Credit: (Image: Colson Smith Instagram)

Coronation Street star Colson Smith has been flooded with praise and support as he spoke about what has 'changed his life' for the better. Those who follow the actor on social media will know he has undergone quite the transformation in the last few years having made changes during lockdown.

Colson, who is well known among fans of the ITV soap for playing Craig Tinker, or PC Craig Tinker to give him his full title, documented his battles with his weight as part of his own film 'Bored Of Being The Fat Kid’, which was released on YouTube in 2021.

Colson, who has never revealed the amount of weight he has lost, would drink around five pints of fizzy drinks a day before his fitness overhaul. And his film showcased the soap star finding his love for running and his journey pounding the pavements and as a result, his incredible weight loss journey too.

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Running is now a major part of Colson's life and he's often found documenting his latest runs on social media as well as his gym visits on social media.

On Wednesday (June 5), the 25-year-old reaffirmed his love of lacing up his trainers and getting out around Manchester to mark Global Running Day.

Taking to Instagram, he shared a snap of himself out doing what he loves and said: "Global Running Day. Running changed my life, I’d recommend anyone give it ago!" And his fans and followers were quick to respond to the post.

@tommyleeruns said: "Smashing it Colson! Looking forward to seeing what the future brings." @mtb_wills commented: "Keep smashing it love Bridgewater canal." @cherrymcverry16 wrote: "You’ve smashed it, kid." @nancyhovhanesian replied: "This is wonderful." @kulroshan92 added: "You're amazing bro keep at it."

Colson documents his running journey online -Credit:Colson Smith Instagram
Colson documents his running journey online -Credit:Colson Smith Instagram

During his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, Colson admitted to 'hating himself' before his weight loss. He opened up to a couple of his housemates how he'd eat "three KFC meals a day" before changing his habits.

During a candid chat with Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and David Potts, Colson said: "I lost weight when I was 18 through quite a strict diet and then, what I found was that I was gaining weight and then I’d try and diet again, the way I thought I needed to diet." I wouldn’t eat for a day and a half. I'd just starve myself and then I’d be that hungry that I would like," he continued as Sharon interjected: "The floodgates would burst."

Colson explained: "I used to drive to KFC and I used to order three meals and then I would hate myself so I wouldn’t eat again for a day and a half and it would be that for months and months and months." While Sharon called it a "rollercoaster," Colson said: "And one day I just decided", referring to overhauling his lifestyle.

Sharon then remarked: "You know people who don’t have to worry about their weight, they have no idea how hard it is… it's a killer," to which Louis asked Sharon about her own weight loss, saying: "You lost an awful lot Sharon, how much did you lose?" Sharon answered: "At one point I was 230."

Colson added: "I am glad that I've done what I've done the way that I've done it and like I have the level of control that I've got, because it's like I have a discipline but then I also understand myself."