Coronation Street's Daisy star hints at exciting new romance with Bethany Platt

Coronation Street actor Charlotte Jordan, who plays Daisy Midgeley on the popular ITV soap, has hinted at a potential romantic storyline involving her character and Bethany Platt.

Charlotte joined Coronation Street in 2020 as Daisy, stepdaughter of Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), and quickly gained popularity among viewers. The character Daisy hasn't been without her share of storylines, including an acidic attack and love scandal.

Now, it seems there may be a surprising new romance in store for Daisy.

In a Q&A on her Instagram story, spotted by a fan on Reddit, Charlotte was asked about her thoughts on a possible relationship between Daisy and Bethany. Lucy Fallon, who portrays Bethany, had previously expressed an interest.

Charlotte plays Daisy on the ITV soap -Credit:No credit

Responding to the speculation, Charlotte shared a photo of herself alongside Lucy, adding: "I mean she might be getting a sickness bug from her baby atm but once that has fully cleared there will be NO argument from me.", reports the Daily Star.

The hint of a potential romance between Daisy and Bethany prompted excited responses from fans. Commenting on Reddit, one viewer wrote: "Oh that would be amazing! " Another said: "Definitely, I'd much prefer this to Carla and Swain."

Charlotte has teased a Bethany romance -Credit:No credit

A third shared their approval of the potential storyline, saying, "If this happens my faith in the show will be restored." Meanwhile, another fan added: "I wouldn't complain like."

Last year, Charlotte expressed her eagerness to collaborate with Lucy following her return. Chatting with Inside Soap about Daisy's reaction to Bethany's comeback, actor Charlotte remarked: "I imagine there will be another love triangle."

Lucy is also up for the romance storyline -Credit:No credit

She continued: "Me and Lucy hung out at the Inside Soap Awards, and we're both really looking forward to working together."

When quizzed on her aspirations for future storylines, Charlotte added: "I hope Daisy and Bethany clash, and then something brings them together. If Daisy could have a friend, that would be great."

Lucy also shared with Metro in December her wish for her character to grow closer to Charlotte's. She elaborated: "Because Daisy is a strong female character and Bethany is also a strong female character, I feel like they're going to clash."

"And also, obviously, they both want the same thing. And I think there's going to be a bit of a power battle between them both."