Coronation Street's Daniel to upset Daisy again

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Daniel Osbourne will upset Daisy Midgeley again in upcoming Coronation Street scenes.

The couple are only just back on solid ground after Daniel struggled to support Daisy through her breast cancer scare, given what he'd been through with Sinead.

There will be another rough patch on Boxing Day (December 26) when Daisy's social media scrolling manages to upset Daniel.

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Amy eventually intervenes to show Daniel that one of the posts Daisy was engaging with was about breast cancer awareness as a way to prove he's been too judgmental.

Daniel will be left contemplating whether or not he should apologise to Daisy for rushing to judgment about her social media activity.

While there will be difficult times over the holidays for Daniel and Daisy, Charlotte Jordan and Rob Mallard told Digital Spy that they think the couple "work really well together".

daniel osbourne and daisy midgeley in coronation street

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"There's enough depth and difference between them, for them to both be kept interested in each other," Rob told us.

Charlotte suggested that Daniel and Daisy's differing personalities could ultimately become a strength for them, even though it causes trouble from time to time.

"They're so different, but then they also do have very similar things that connect them like they've both experienced grief," she said. "And they've both got abandonment issues, parent-wise, like they've got meaningful things that will keep them together, that they can understand about each other."

daniel osbourne and daisy midgeley in coronation street

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Rob added: "But generationally, Daniel is about the same age, but Daisy’s of the Instagram generation, and Daniel's just a bit before that. So it's all a bit like Daniel was born in the wrong era.

"So Daniel does look at the whole Instagram world with a very sceptical view. Because he's books and learning and teaching. And she’s selfies in shoes."

daniel osbourne and daisy midgeley in coronation street

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