Coronation Street's Evelyn plays sweet role in Daryan exit

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Evelyn Plummer has played a moving role in Daryan Zahawi's Coronation Street exit plot.

Viewers learned last week that Daryan's brother had seemingly made it to the UK, after Daryan received a hopeful update from newcomer Mo.

Mo had been in the same refugee camp as Daryan's brother, giving the young man hope that he'd soon be able to reunite with his sibling.

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Monday's (February 27) episode followed up this plot thread when Daryan discovered that his brother had actually gone to Nottingham, though he wasn't able to trace his exact address.

"You need to get over there and see for yourself," Gary encouraged him.

Gary and Maria offered to purchase a train ticket for Daryan so he could properly investigate his brother's location, yet he didn't want to take "charity" from them.

"I want to be an independent person," he explained.

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Evelyn happened to overhear the conversation and encouraged Daryan to take Gary and Maria up on their offer.

"Listen to this very carefully, I lost my family for 30 years," she explained to him. "If I lost them again, I would take whatever scrap anyone was offering me to find them again, right?"

Her words inspired Daryan to take Gary and Maria's money, and soon he was leaving the cobbles with his social worker to look for his brother.

He stopped by to say goodbye and to thank Alya for supporting him through such a difficult time, and expressed his admiration for how she handled the stabbing.

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"You are so brave. Griff and his friends didn't stand a chance," Daryan told her.

The two shared a hug before Daryan set off on his journey.

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