Coronation Street's Jodie Prenger reveals a surprising potential love interest for Glenda

 Michael and Glenda make it offical.
Credit: ITV

Coronation Street's Glenda Shuttleworth has been a firm favourite with viewers since she started on the show in 2002. 

The Rovers barmaid, played by Jodie Prenger, is known for her banter with the pub's regulars - and there's one Coronation Street character in particular that viewers would like to see as a potential love interest in the future.

"Some fans want her and Steve McDonald to get together, one even called them the next Jack and Vera!" Jodie told the Radio Times.

She continued, "Actually, I used to have a tight perm like Vera’s years go, and I wore these huge glasses. I looked like the love child of Russell Grant and Deirdre Barlow – how could Steve McDonald resist that?

"I don’t know what Tracy would have to say, I’m missing her in the show I’ve got to admit."

The actor also elaborated on Glenda's dating history, telling the publication, "God love her, she’s been on every dating site. Michael dumped her and I’m still not over it, but hey-ho, she had a little dalliance with a toy boy."

Glenda divides and conquers.
Glenda divides and conquers.

The actor also went on to say that she does see a happy ending for Glenda in the future, explaining, "She’s a hopeless romantic and I’ve always been a bit of a Mills and Boon myself, so I’d like her to find love again. Although maybe just for a bit!

"If she got married, knowing Corrie they could have you going down a sinkhole on your wedding day. The dress would get filthy. Once I’m down I can’t get back up, but that’s my own life!"

Jodie also opened up about which Coronation Street actors she loves working with. "I love scenes with Peter Gunn [who plays Brian Packham] and Patti Clare [who plays Mary Taylor] - it’s like entertainment within the entertainment," she explained.

"There can be a lot of retakes in scenes with Mary because people start laughing and the shoulders are going!"

Tune in to the next episode of Coronation Street on Monday 8th July to see what's next for Gail and the rest of the residents of Weatherfield.

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