Coronation Street's Max makes a shock discovery in return plot

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Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Max Turner faces a challenging dilemma next week when he realises that Ryan Connor is in danger.

The troubled teen has been serving a six-month sentence at an STC for encouraging terrorism after he was radicalised by racist Griff's far-right extremist group.

Max returns to screens this week and steals Daniel Osbourne's phone when an argument breaks out in the STC classroom.

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Next week, Max slips the phone back onto Daniel's desk and later, Daniel is shocked to discover that Max recorded a moving video about his life in prison.

The video leaves Daniel determined to help Max, but when he attempts to get Max to open up during his next class, Max refuses to engage with him. Things deteriorate when Max disrupts the class in a bid to win the approval of Gav, one of the lads in the STC.

When Daniel discovers Daisy Midgeley's spare phone, he gets an idea. He records a message for Max and discreetly gives him the phone to allow Max to record a journal.

Daniel is completely oblivious to the fact that Daisy has been using the spare phone to pose as Ibiza rep Crystal to try and lift Ryan Connor's spirits.

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Meanwhile, Ryan's health has taken a turn for the worse and he rushes to the bathroom to be sick.

Daisy shares her concerns about Ryan to Jenny Connor, who suggests that Crystal might cheer him up. The mention of Crystal makes Daisy realise she's left her spare phone at home, and she rushes to retrieve it.

When Daisy discovers that Daniel has given the phone to Max, she's horrified and fears that her alter-ego will be exposed. She demands that Daniel retrieve the phone ASAP.

As Ryan begins to feel desperately ill, he calls Crystal and leaves a message before falling unconscious.

ryan connor, coronation street

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Max watches the video from Daniel but he's discovered by Gav, who quizzes him about the phone.

Taking the phone from Max, Gav plays Ryan's message intended for Crystal and Max learns that Ryan is in serious danger. Will he be able to alert anyone in time to save Ryan?

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